Women’s Club

Founded in 1975, the purpose of the Plandome Heights Women’s Club is to create socialability, to promote cultural interests and to serve philanthropically. With a membership of approximately 140, the club organizes social events for women, for their children, and for all residents of the community. Many of these social events include fund raisers to enhance the Village as well as to aid those in need. With committees such as Ladies Events, Children’s Events, Senior Events, Special Events (Couples), Philanthropic Committee, Village Beautification and Caring Cooks, the club offers fun and fulfilling activities as well as the opportunity to meet your neighbors and create new friendships.

The Plandome Heights Women’s Club Presidents

Donna Harragan 2018 – present
Lillian Sears 2015 – 2018
Ruth Geismar 2012-2015
Anja D’Angelo 2010-2012
Joanne Anderson 2008-2010
Diana Cotumaccio 2006-2008
Anne Dorogoff 2004-2006
Sandi Gabriele 2002-2004
Cleoty de Dios 2000-2002
Roxanne Fitzig 1998-2000
Anne Hedberg 1996-1998
Cleoty de Dios 1994-1996
Peggy Lake 1992-1994
Betty Vontas 1990-1992
Gloria Volpe 1988-1990
Carole Perulli 1986-1988
Carey Howard 1984-1986
Patricia Bruderman 1982-1984
Rose Hartunian 1980-1982
Dollie Sargent-Boyle 1978-1980
Jo-Ann Damato 1977-1978
Barbara Curran 1975-1977

For a long time, Plandome Heights was one of the few areas in Manhasset that did not have its own women’s group. In December 1974, Barbara Curran, a resident of Bay Driveway, took the initiative. At a holiday gathering of neighbors in her home, she broached the subject of organizing a women’s club in Plandome Heights. Her neighbors were enthusiastic; so were the women contacted from other sections of Plandome Heights. The twelve women who constituted the club’s founders were: Helen Berkun, Dollie Boyle, Barbara Curran, Ann D’Aguanno, Martha Davis, Barbara Fergo, Pat Gennerich, Pat Gorman, Jo LoCastro, Marybeth McGee, Lucille Santulli, and Rosita Windheuser.

The first organizational meeting of club founders was held in February 1975. As a result of this meeting, letters were sent to all village residents to ascertain their interest, and over 85 affirmative responses were received.

In April the fledgling women’s club held an evening meeting at the American Legion hall for all interested Plandome Heights women. At this time a nominating committee was formed to present a proposed slate of officers at the next meeting.

In May 1975 the Plandome Heights Women’s Club held its first official meeting. The club’s first officers, elected at this time, were: President, Barbara Curran; Vice President, Jo LoCastro; Program, Ann D’Aguanno; Membership, Barbara Fergo; Secretary, Pat Gennerich; Treasurer, Dollie Boyle; Activities and Editor-Newsletter, Cookie Berest; Special Events, Betty Boyle; NAN (Neighbors Assistance Need), Doris Conway; Hospitality, Jo-Ann Damato; and Luncheon, Ellie Maffeo.

During the summer this Board began to write the club constitution, defining the purpose of the club: “to create sociability, to promote cultural interests and to serve philanthropically.” They created standing committees for special jobs and prepared the meetings for the coming year. The Plandome Heights Women’s Club was off and running for the 1975–1976 year.

The Plandome Heights Women’s Club received a firm foundation due to Barbara Curran’s dedicated leadership. One of the club’s first accomplishments in 1975 included a village beautification project to erect new village entrance signs on Plandome Road. In subsequent years fund raising efforts were undertaken to purchase new street signs, brackets, and posts for the entire village. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the club, the sum of $2,800 was raised for updated village entrance signs and enhanced plantings. The club celebrated its 25th anniversary with a dinner-dance on May 18, 2001 at the North Hills Country Club.

Throughout the years the Plandome Heights Women’s Club has held a wide range of social and cultural events for its members, family activities for its children, and philanthropic endeavors for the Long Island community. The club continues to be a unifying and cohesive entity in the village.